Regional Certification:

This scheme is currently covering only technicians of off-grid solar PV systems, but will gradually be extended to technicians of more complex off-grid and on-grid PV systems as well as other RE and EE professionals.

The regional certification will assure (potential) clients that a certified off-grid solar PV technician has the skills and knowledge necessary to competently undertake the solar off-grid PV installation task successfully. A person who wants to be certified as an off-grid solar PV technician shall be skilled to undertake safe, quality installation and maintenance of stand-alone solar PV systems with multiple solar modules, a battery bank, controller, inverter and appliances as specified in the JTA. The JTA provides that a qualified technician shall be a person certified after demonstrating competency in
    ⦁ working safely with solar PV systems;
    ⦁ understanding the basics of solar PV systems;
    ⦁ understanding solar PV system design;
    ⦁ installing all the mechanical and electrical components of the solar PV systems;
    ⦁ installing cables, connectors and protective devices for the solar PV systems;
    ⦁ completing the installation, testing and commissioning and
    ⦁ maintaining and troubleshooting of the solar PV system.

These skills will be evaluated in an examination that will be organized for the Regional Certification Body (hosted by the ECREEE secretariat in Praia) by partner examination institutions in each member state. RCB will manage the scheme with guidance and support from the Technical Committee representing all the 15 member states.


Certification Process:

An applicant who wants to take the regional examination must register with an examination institution after meeting the examination eligibility requirements. Trainees or an experienced practitioner who want to obtain the regional certificate can select and locate any of the approved examination institutions to register and undertake the examination.

On the other hand, applicants that need training before undertaking the regional examination can receive training in any training institutions providing solar PV training courses covering all points of the JTA and then register with an approved examination institution before the scheduled registration deadline.

The candidates that meet the minimum pass mark after undertaking the regional exam shall be awarded the regional certificate. The process from training to certification and maintaining certification is illustrated in the figure below


 Stages of Examination

The stages of the examination are practical and written illustrated in figure 2. An applicant can only be certified after passing the written and practical examination. The examination shall be designed to assess the competence of the candidates based on the JTA.

Practical Examination:

The practical examination shall be based on the JTA. The applicant will be required to demonstrate skills in installing both the mechanical and electrical components of the solar PV systems including cables, connectors and protective devices.

Written Examination:

The written examination shall also be based on the JTA, recommended to form the basis of the all the curriculum developed by the selected training institutions across the region. The written examination shall be practically oriented and shall involve the testing of the competency of the applicant to undertake safe, quality installation and maintenance of stand-alone solar PV systems with multiple solar modules, a battery bank, controller, inverter, and appliances.

N.B: Once the structures are put in place, the RCS may study the possibility of administering a special case examination for persons that are not highly educated but are competent and certified by other certification bodies (e.g. electricians) after they have been trained with the selected training institutions.


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